The Best Windows Activator – KMSAuto Net 2019

KMSAuto is a windows activator software that uses a special authorization key to activate various Windows OS systems. It can be used on Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 with the option of permanently activating these operating systems.

Typically, finding a suitable windows product key on the internet is a tedious process which may not guarantee any reliable results. Moreover, some activators nowadays are not safe and may contain viruses that could harm your computer. Nevertheless, KMSAuto Net is a reliable windows key program that has been approved by authorities and can never damage your device. It’s also very simple to activate once installed on your computer and the process usually takes less that 5 minutes.

How to Use

When properly utilized, this activator program can permanently eliminate the need for constantly updating your Windows software once its subscription offer expires. It acts as a reliable license key for the software which anyone can take advantage of to enjoy limitless products from the operating system.

However, there are certain requirements that users need to meet in order to benefit from it. First, your PC should have a .Net Framework IV package pre-installed, you must also have administrator privileges on the computer and lastly, your hard-disk space should have a capacity of at least 5 MB.

KMSAuto Net works by creating a virtual server on your computer and the actual developer’s site is usually replaced once you activate the software. Below are the steps you need to install this software on your device:-

I) Download the windows activator from the archive

II) Unzip it.

III) Once the files have been extracted, proceed by running the KMSAuto Net. Exe command then click open the activator and choose ACTIVATION -> ACTIVATE WINDOWS.

IV) Complete the process by restarting your windows system, so that the activation can be formalized.

Other steps to take note of:

The main window of this software has two buttons that serve different functions; the first one is for actual Activation and the other one is an information button. Once you click on Activation, the program shall prompt you to turn on either Windows or MS Office, whereas pressing on the Information button found on the bottom section of your page will reveal information about your current software activation status.

Additionally, in case a user encounters any issues while doing the activation, they can simply use the unlock function available on KMSAuto Net to gain access to the program automatically. Furthermore, it has an offline activation module which allows you to run the software on your PC even if there’s no internet available. Plus in any case if your online mode is unavailable then the offline mode still ensures sustainability.

While it’s key to note that the Keys of this software do not expire, it’s crucial that you activate your program during the notification timeframe so as to avoid any unnecessary notification warnings.


I) It’s compatible with all Windows versions. It doesn’t matter whether you have the old or new Windows version, this activator will work with all of them nondiscriminatory. You only need to download and install it on your PC.

II) 100pct secure activation. You don’t have to worry about any security issues with this software since it has been tried and tested by experts, KMSAuto is absolutely virus-free and doesn’t contain any malware.

It’s intuitive and very easy to use. Unlike other programs, this activator has been configured to be user-friendly and interactive to Windows subscribers. You don’t require any 3rd party source to activate this program since KMSAuto is a reliable activator by itself. Moreover, unlike other programs, it has advanced algorithms which work on all operating software systems and antivirus programs of Windows.

In conclusion, KMSAuto Net is a powerful windows activator that works on most OS systems both old and new version. It’s also very easy to install and you don’t require any special technical skills to download it on your computer, you only need 3-5 minutes to install the program on your computer and enjoy its many unique features and benefits.

Furthermore, unlike other activators, it works both online and offline meaning you can access it even when there’s no internet on your computer. KMSAuto is also a reliable activator that’s fully approved by relevant authorities.